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Amanojaku Hozonkai

Amanojaku Hozonkai

Founded in 1993, the Amanojaku Hozonkai is the primary student group of Taiko Shudan Amanojaku.
As a member of the Amanojaku Hozonkai, one not only aims to improve their technique, but by studying the way of taiko, learns to become a better person as well.
An annual performance is scheduled to present each individual’s progress.
Practices are scheduled every Wednesday from 18:00- 22:00 at the Tokyo Metroplitan Art Space.
You are welcome to visit, but please contact us in advance.
If you have any questions regarding the Amanojaku Hozonkai, feel free to contact us.
Amanojaku Hozonkai Official Web Site(Sorry Japanese only)

Amanojaku Hozonaki Terms of Agreement

The objective of the Amanojaku Hozonkai is to become better drummers, but also to become better individuals by studying the way of taiko.New students are always welcome!


Amanojaku practices are held every Wednesday, four times per month at the B2 floors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space from 18:00 - 22:00.
Additional practices are held every 1st and 3rd Sunday. These practices are organized and run by the members of the Hozonkai.
Practicies are held at the Kita-ku Takinogawa Kaikan from 17:00- 21:00.


Membership Fee 10,000 yen
Monthly Tuition 10,000 yen
Hozonkai Operational Fee 6,000 yen
Total Monthly Fee: 16,000 yen


The members of the Amanojaku Hozonkai will actively participate in the operation of Taiko Shudan Amanojaku.
Hozonkai members will participate in recreational activities, festivals, and events in order to assist in accomplishing the objectives.

Very Important:

Members of the Amanojaku Hozonkai may not perform or teach any of the pieces/skills learned within the Hozonkai without the consent of Taiko Shudan Amanojaku.